Welcome to A Granel!

I found the movement "Lixo Zero Portugal", which in Portuguese stands for "Zero Waste Portugal", during my quest to reduce my waste. In today's world, all the small actions add up and I was eager to participate somehow.

The founder of this movement in Portugal, Ana Martins and the members of the facebook group "Lixo Zero Portugal" created a spreadsheet with the stores that sold in bulk in Portugal. When I joined the group and saw this spreadsheet I immediately visualized a map with all the different stores. I couldn't resist to create something that would make this come true and that's how "A Granel" was born. I truly hope it'll be helpful to you when finding stores that sell in bulk.

If you know a store that doesn't exist in the directory, please add it, it'll not take more than 2 minutes. The website strives from this feedback from everyone.

As a last note, your feedback is very important, so if you have any suggestions please contact me.